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Dear ‘Ban the Burqa’ advocates

Before you argue that Islam represses women, consider the way that vitriol towards the religion has often found expression in attacks against Muslim women. Gendered violence and sexual inequality are ongoing issues in the wider Australian community, as well.

Zoe’s Law proponents caught out by ICAC

Written by Liz Barrett. Anti-abortion Zoe’s Law is back on the table in NSW. This bill will import the concept of foetal personhood to New South Wales from the anti-choice American Right. Foetal personhood laws seek to take control of women’s bodies and reproductive rights. This criminalises, institutionalises and strips women of their liberty and the … Continue reading

Reclaim the Night

From Reclaim the Night’s Facebook Event: It is that time again. Let’s take back the streets. Three-quarters of all women killed in NSW die at the hands of their loved ones. NSW Police deal with about 370 instances of domestic and family violence a day. Domestic violence has reached its highest level in 15 years … Continue reading


I sat down to interview our very own Mckenzie Raymond to chat about feminism, body positivity, activism and #freethenipple.  As seen on The Feed SBS. When did you first become a feminist? I was 20, so it was in 2010. I had just left an abusive relationship after 3 and a half years and was … Continue reading

Write a letter to defend your right to choose

Stop Zoe’s Law  F Collective is still working on the campaign to stop Zoe’s Law. Zoe’s Law is currently in Bill form, pending a vote in the upper house of the NSW Parliament. You can read in depth about the bill here, but in short: if this Bill passes it could compromise the quality of health … Continue reading

UPDATE: Detour House and Young People’s Refuge Also Under Threat

 Detour House and Young People’s Refuge are also under threat of closure due to the Going Home Staying Home Reforms. Detour House has provided rehabilitation and case management support to women who have experienced drug and or alcohol dependence for the past 30 years. As a gender specific service Detour House offers a safe and … Continue reading

Foetal Personhood Threatens Women’s Human Rights

Join us and voice your opposition to Foetal Personhood in NSW. Take of photo of yourself with a message opposing foetal personhood in NSW and tweet it to @the_fcollective. Read about this issue here, here and here.    

Save Women’s Homelessness Services in Sydney

Women’s Homelessness Services in NSW are under threat of closure. Stepping Out Housing Program, B Miles, and Women and Girl’s Emergency Centre may lose their funding, leaving women at risk of homelessness with nowhere to go. If the NSW Government’s Going Home, Staying Home reform continues as planned, small independent homelessness services – especially those for women – will … Continue reading

Threat to racial discrimination law is a threat to sex discrimination law too

By Fran Hayes Recent weeks have seen a fierce community debate over the extent to which certain types of racist behaviour should be prohibited under Australian anti-discrimination laws. Specifically, the Abbott Government is proposing to amend Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 to remove prohibition of certain negative behaviours targeting people because of … Continue reading

No to Foetal Personhood in NSW

Act and Defend Our Reproductive Rights in NSW!

The Abortion war is a struggle over the fundamental role of women in society.  Do we see women as fully formed independent human beings with the right to control their lives and their bodies or are they merely incubators? It cannot be repeated often enough, where foetal rights exist independent of the women that carry … Continue reading