UPDATE: Detour House and Young People’s Refuge Also Under Threat

 Detour House and Young People’s Refuge are also under threat of closure due to the Going Home Staying Home Reforms. Detour House has provided rehabilitation and case management support to women who have experienced drug and or alcohol dependence for the past 30 years. As a gender specific service Detour House offers a safe and … Continue reading

Save Women’s Homelessness Services in Sydney

Women’s Homelessness Services in NSW are under threat of closure. Stepping Out Housing Program, B Miles, and Women and Girl’s Emergency Centre may lose their funding, leaving women at risk of homelessness with nowhere to go. If the NSW Government’s Going Home, Staying Home reform continues as planned, small independent homelessness services – especially those for women – will … Continue reading

Feminist Voices – The Edna Ryan Awards

The Edna Ryan Awards for feminist achievement were held on the 18th October 2013.  You can see a list of the recipients here, including our very own Shirley Kent. The Awards recognise feminist achievements in Arts, Community Activism, Education, Leadership, Media/Communication, Mentoring, Sport and The Grand Stirrer Award. Congratulations to all the award winners and we … Continue reading

Community services, here to stay

As promised, here are some more images from our action outside Parliament House last Wednesday, the 21st November. All photos by Jarah Backhouse (big thanks to her). The banner with the paper dolls strung across was made by members of F and also by service users from Jannawi, Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre and West St … Continue reading

Don’t leave us hanging, Barry!

Congrats all on a successful action today, and special thanks to our speakers, Biljana of Jannawi, Shirley of Liverppol Women’s Resource Centre, Corina of F and Linda Burney of the NSW Labor Opposition. Here are a few initial snaps by Michelle Shackleton and Emily McMillan. We’ll have more from our wonderful photographer Jarrah Backhouse soon. … Continue reading

Exciting news in the barry cuts community bleeds campaign: we’re nearly there, but we need your help

F started to campaign on the issue of NSW government cuts to community services several months ago, and soon found ourselves in contact with services extremely concerned about the future. Documents obtained under FOI said services like Margaret Jurd Learning Centre and the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service, along with twelve other services, were ear … Continue reading

Community cuts & F in the news

Photos by Amanda Parkinson, video by Kate Ausburn We got some great press out of our awesome action on Tuesday: The Australian; News.Com; And the Herald Sun. And another beautiful photo gallery, for your enjoyment (click on a photo to make the gallery work): That’s NSW parliamentarians John Kaye of the Greens, Linda Burney, Sophie … Continue reading

Community cuts action update: don’t go breakin’ our hearts

Words by Corina Backhouse, photos by Kate Ausburn (her flickr set is here) Today F held a street theater action outside of Parliament House in Sydney, with giant red hearts, fake blood and a theatrics of resistance against the proposed cuts to essential community services in NSW. The demonstration was organised by F, and was … Continue reading