Popular demons? On single motherhood

Words and photos by Natalie Duggan, Single Parents Action Group (link to facebook group). I am a single mother. I was married and pregnant with our second child when my marriage failed, plunging my two children and I into a nightmare that has endured for years. Our emotional distress was quickly overshadowed by housing problems. … Continue reading

Community services, here to stay

As promised, here are some more images from our action outside Parliament House last Wednesday, the 21st November. All photos by Jarah Backhouse (big thanks to her). The banner with the paper dolls strung across was made by members of F and also by service users from Jannawi, Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre and West St … Continue reading

Community cuts action update: don’t go breakin’ our hearts

Words by Corina Backhouse, photos by Kate Ausburn (her flickr set is here) Today F held a street theater action outside of Parliament House in Sydney, with giant red hearts, fake blood and a theatrics of resistance against the proposed cuts to essential community services in NSW. The demonstration was organised by F, and was … Continue reading

Barry cuts we bleed – time to take action

The NSW Liberal Government are looking to save money and our community services are on the chopping block. A document obtained under FOI reveals these services are under threat. – Twenty10 – Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre – Redfern Legal Centre Financial Counselling Services – Welfare Rights – West St Wollongong – Margaret Jurd Learning Centre … Continue reading

Barrycutscommunitybleeds: Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre

Cross-posted from Barrycutscommunitybleeds, a new campaign blog about cuts to community services in NSW, supported by F. Check it out and please share. By Shirley Kent, Co-ordinator, LWRC Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre is a small agency in the middle of one of Liverpool’s most disadvantaged areas. For 28 years the service has provided support, programs, … Continue reading

Eva Cox on the politics of Income Management

by Eva Cox, Professorial Fellow, Jumbunna IHL UTS.  Learn more about income management from the F blog here. This post describes some recent changes which may radically alter the basis of our welfare payments system. The introduction of a series of policies and programs labelled Income Management as part of the NT Intervention, was the start … Continue reading

Manage This: income management is a feminist issue

By Jane Bullen Income management is a feminist issue In the lead-up to the F Collective event ‘Manage this: Women’s voices on Income Management’ (Tuesday 31 July, 6pm, NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, 23-33 Mary Street Surry Hills), I want to write about why I think Income Management is an issue of particular concern to feminists. This is despite … Continue reading

In and beyond the UK cuts

by Rosa Campbell, F co-founder The F Collection is a blog project by F that highlights a feminist or women’s rights campaign, group or issue every Monday. Today we have a guest post from London-based feminist Rosa Campbell. Read on! I arrived in London last year, to a city being dismantled and reshaped by the global … Continue reading

Income management coming to a place near you: Bankstown, Sydney

By Eva Cox Women are more likely than men to need Government income support. In particular, solo women with young children may be out of paid work as suitable jobs and good employers are rare. In March this year, there were around 80,000 parents on the parenting payment officially registered as job hunters. There are … Continue reading

She works hard for the money, so you better treat her ri-i-ight

So. There was a Budget. Mostly, the media focus was on the respective paper shuffling of the major parties. And there was that ridiculous headline. If it was anything more than a headline, I would be totally thrilled. But in amongst it all, for those of you who are curious, there was some good analysis. … Continue reading