Extremist activity: a feminist argues for religious discrimination laws in NSW

It may seem strange timing to argue for anti-discrimination laws to protect Muslims in NSW. The memory of Sydney’s Hyde Park protests lingers, and the debate is still going over how and why these violent clashes happened, what a response looks like. Now that the initial flames have cooled to red coals, I think this … Continue reading

Change is brewing: Sydney street art

After posting about political street art of Rome, we thought we’d share some street art from our own ‘hood, to inspire you on a Friday afternoon. Enjoy. A lot of this art is about income management, which you can learn more about by clicking here. Then again, some of it is just plain beautiful.

Dipping into the archives: F’s Zine

In 2010, the F Publications Collective designed and edited a zine showcasing the diverse creative works of Sydney women and woman-identifying folks. We think it’s pretty great and reckon you will too! It is personal. It is political. Enjoy! The zine is available as a pdf here: F Zine

Seen & Heard: Films by women

Have you heard of Seen & Heard Film Festival? No? Keep reading! Yes? Keep reading anyway, and be inspired by the founder of the festival Lucy Randall, the message, and the films on offer. Seen & Heard is a festival showcasing films made by women. It is a pay-by-donation event, making it super accessible, and … Continue reading

Lady Sings it Better

By Megan Clement-Couzner I saw Lady Sings It Better on Friday night. While I’m tempted to type a succession of “squeee!” and “OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!,” I will attempt to calm myself briefly for the sake of dignity clarity. Who are Lady Sings it Better? They are a five woman, feminist, queer, singing … Continue reading