Threat to racial discrimination law is a threat to sex discrimination law too

By Fran Hayes Recent weeks have seen a fierce community debate over the extent to which certain types of racist behaviour should be prohibited under Australian anti-discrimination laws. Specifically, the Abbott Government is proposing to amend Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 to remove prohibition of certain negative behaviours targeting people because of … Continue reading

Is Tony Abbott a misogynist?

Recently, Eva Cox and I both published articles on The Conversation responding to questions about whether Tony Abbott is a misogynist. Here’s what Eva had to say: When Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave her now famous speech attacking Tony Abbott, millions of women around the world cheered.Her denunciation echoed and fuelled their anger at being … Continue reading

Cuts in the parliament, cuts in the press

Cross-posted from Barrycutscommunitybleeds, a new campaign blog about cuts to community services in NSW, supported by F. Check it out and please share. *** In parliament this week it was budget estimates, where Ministers and department heads answer questions about their department budgets and activities. I went to the session on Community Services and Women. … Continue reading

She works hard for the money, so you better treat her ri-i-ight

So. There was a Budget. Mostly, the media focus was on the respective paper shuffling of the major parties. And there was that ridiculous headline. If it was anything more than a headline, I would be totally thrilled. But in amongst it all, for those of you who are curious, there was some good analysis. … Continue reading

Don’t make me use my feminist voice!

They have two things in common: a belief in gender equality and a desire to change the world. The rules are simple: play nice, feminism is not a monolithic concept and disagreements will happen. Welcome to ERA’s Young Women’s Advisory Body and their rockin’ website Settle Petal. The Equality Rights Alliance (ERA) set up the … Continue reading