Zoe’s Law proponents caught out by ICAC

Written by Liz Barrett. Anti-abortion Zoe’s Law is back on the table in NSW. This bill will import the concept of foetal personhood to New South Wales from the anti-choice American Right. Foetal personhood laws seek to take control of women’s bodies and reproductive rights. This criminalises, institutionalises and strips women of their liberty and the … Continue reading

Foetal Personhood Threatens Women’s Human Rights

Join us and voice your opposition to Foetal Personhood in NSW. Take of photo of yourself with a message opposing foetal personhood in NSW and tweet it to @the_fcollective. Read about this issue here, here and here.    

In Bed with Fred

Premier Barry O’Farrell is in bed with Fred Nile to attack reproductive rights. Premier Barry O’Farrell is supporting a proposed law that threatens our reproductive rights. The bill, known as Zoe’s Law, was originally written by Fred Nile, the same man who opposes marriage equality and IVF for same sex couples. This law, if passed, … Continue reading

“This is the beginning of the fight, not the end.”

On Thursday, the lower house of NSW Parliament passed the foetal personhood law. The F Collective organised an action outside Parliament House, in which NSW voters gathered to voice their anger about this Bill, given that the Bill lays a foundation for all sorts of attacks on women’s reproductive rights.   Some photos of the … Continue reading