Dear ‘Ban the Burqa’ advocates

Before you argue that Islam represses women, consider the way that vitriol towards the religion has often found expression in attacks against Muslim women. Gendered violence and sexual inequality are ongoing issues in the wider Australian community, as well.

Threat to racial discrimination law is a threat to sex discrimination law too

By Fran Hayes Recent weeks have seen a fierce community debate over the extent to which certain types of racist behaviour should be prohibited under Australian anti-discrimination laws. Specifically, the Abbott Government is proposing to amend Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 to remove prohibition of certain negative behaviours targeting people because of … Continue reading

Extremist activity: a feminist argues for religious discrimination laws in NSW

It may seem strange timing to argue for anti-discrimination laws to protect Muslims in NSW. The memory of Sydney’s Hyde Park protests lingers, and the debate is still going over how and why these violent clashes happened, what a response looks like. Now that the initial flames have cooled to red coals, I think this … Continue reading

Eva Cox on the politics of Income Management

by Eva Cox, Professorial Fellow, Jumbunna IHL UTS.  Learn more about income management from the F blog here. This post describes some recent changes which may radically alter the basis of our welfare payments system. The introduction of a series of policies and programs labelled Income Management as part of the NT Intervention, was the start … Continue reading

Income Management (or: That Racist Bullsh*t)

By Gabe Kavanagh When discussing my weekend plans with a colleague I mentioned that I was going to a forum on Saturday. Colleague: Oh, that one about that racist bullsh*t? Me: Um, the one on Income Management. Colleague: Yeah, that’s what I meant. Fair. Income Management is coming to Bankstown, Sydney in July this year. … Continue reading

215 Million reasons

… to support Asian Women at Work. The F Collection is a blog project by F that highlights a feminist or women’s rights campaign, group or issue every Monday (or Tuesday when there’s a Monday public holiday… Any excuse). Read on! Do you think every person deserves to have their working rights covered? Then there are … Continue reading

Fuck yeah feminist reading group: review

The F Collection is taking this Monday off, but we’ve got something else exciting for you: Today’s post is from an f member who came along to our recent reading group. Enjoy her first foray on the blog, and stay tuned for future reading group adventures and the return of the F Collection next Monday! … Continue reading

Dipping into the archives: F’s Zine

In 2010, the F Publications Collective designed and edited a zine showcasing the diverse creative works of Sydney women and woman-identifying folks. We think it’s pretty great and reckon you will too! It is personal. It is political. Enjoy! The zine is available as a pdf here: F Zine

F is for fuck yeah, feminist reading group!

I want to be holding in my hand a concise, fairly easy to read and understand book; not a long book, not a book thick with hard to understand jargon and academic language, but a straightforward, clear book – easy to read without being simplistic. From the moment feminist thinking, politics, and practice changed my … Continue reading

Words from IWD: Elizabeth Mora

Elizabeth Mora spoke at the Sydney IWD picnic this year. She has kindly agreed to share her speech here for anyone who missed it or wants to enjoy it again. You can check out another speech from the day here. The artwork in the featured image is also an Elizabeth Mora original. Good Morning everyone, … Continue reading