Save Women’s Homelessness Services in Sydney

Women’s Homelessness Services in NSW are under threat of closure.

Stepping Out Housing Program, B Miles, and Women and Girl’s Emergency Centre may lose their funding, leaving women at risk of homelessness with nowhere to go.

If the NSW Government’s Going Home, Staying Home reform continues as planned, small independent homelessness services – especially those for women – will close. Some already have.  Women’s homelessness is hidden and consistently underfunded. Women are less likely to sleep rough but will often couch surf, stay with perpetrators of violence or stay in unstable accommodation. Many of these women cannot “go home” or “stay home”.

UPDATE: Detour House and Young People’s Refuge are also under threat of closure.

What can you do?

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2 Responses to “Save Women’s Homelessness Services in Sydney”
  1. We had an amazing conversation with Cherenne recently and her story was truly heartbreaking. We are in complete support of your campaign and will help spread the word!

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