Zoe’s Law proponents caught out by ICAC

Written by Liz Barrett. Anti-abortion Zoe’s Law is back on the table in NSW. This bill will import the concept of foetal personhood to New South Wales from the anti-choice American Right. Foetal personhood laws seek to take control of women’s bodies and reproductive rights. This criminalises, institutionalises and strips women of their liberty and the … Continue reading

Act and Defend Our Reproductive Rights in NSW!

No to Foetal Personhood in NSW

The Abortion war is a struggle over the fundamental role of women in society.  Do we see women as fully formed independent human beings with the right to control their lives and their bodies or are they merely incubators? It cannot be repeated often enough, where foetal rights exist independent of the women that carry … Continue reading

Barry cuts we bleed – time to take action

The NSW Liberal Government are looking to save money and our community services are on the chopping block. A document obtained under FOI reveals these services are under threat. – Twenty10 – Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre – Redfern Legal Centre Financial Counselling Services – Welfare Rights – West St Wollongong – Margaret Jurd Learning Centre … Continue reading

Extremist activity: a feminist argues for religious discrimination laws in NSW

It may seem strange timing to argue for anti-discrimination laws to protect Muslims in NSW. The memory of Sydney’s Hyde Park protests lingers, and the debate is still going over how and why these violent clashes happened, what a response looks like. Now that the initial flames have cooled to red coals, I think this … Continue reading

F in the News: Feminist forces anti-abortion advocate into soft-shoe shuffle

On Saturday this Right to Life event took place. And, as we might have mentioned (we’re excited), feminists occupied it, glitterbombed it, spoke passionately over the top of it and threw a glittery ballet shoe at the key note speaker. But you don’t have to just hear it just from us…now you can read all about it … Continue reading

#Occupied: the NSW Right to Life Conference

On Saturday, this Right to Life event took place. Except that it didn’t, because feminists occupied it. Or, if you like, #destroyedthejoint. NSW Right to Life invited the lovely David Bereit (pronounced bee-rite) to speak at their conference dinner on Saturday night while he does a speaking ‘tour‘ of Australia. If you’ve followed any of … Continue reading

Bring out your placards: Urgent pro-choice protest TOMORROW MORNING

Protest against extreme right to lifer David Bereit Tomorrow 3 September 7.30am SHARP at Notre Dame University, the corner of Abercrombie and Broadway, Sydney. Facebook event here. Image source F supplies the leaflets, you bring your home made placard and glitter bombs and shiny self! NSW Right to Life has invited this American guy called … Continue reading

Eva Cox on the politics of Income Management

by Eva Cox, Professorial Fellow, Jumbunna IHL UTS.  Learn more about income management from the F blog here. This post describes some recent changes which may radically alter the basis of our welfare payments system. The introduction of a series of policies and programs labelled Income Management as part of the NT Intervention, was the start … Continue reading

Manage This: income management is a feminist issue

By Jane Bullen Income management is a feminist issue In the lead-up to the F Collective event ‘Manage this: Women’s voices on Income Management’ (Tuesday 31 July, 6pm, NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, 23-33 Mary Street Surry Hills), I want to write about why I think Income Management is an issue of particular concern to feminists. This is despite … Continue reading

Income Management (or: That Racist Bullsh*t)

By Gabe Kavanagh When discussing my weekend plans with a colleague I mentioned that I was going to a forum on Saturday. Colleague: Oh, that one about that racist bullsh*t? Me: Um, the one on Income Management. Colleague: Yeah, that’s what I meant. Fair. Income Management is coming to Bankstown, Sydney in July this year. … Continue reading