UPDATE: Detour House and Young People’s Refuge Also Under Threat

 Detour House and Young People’s Refuge are also under threat of closure due to the Going Home Staying Home Reforms.

Detour House has provided rehabilitation and case management support to women who have experienced drug and or alcohol dependence for the past 30 years. As a gender specific service Detour House offers a safe and nurturing environment for women to rebuild their lives and become contributing members of the community.

Young People’s Refuge (YPR) is one of the oldest youth services in NSW. For last 20 years YPR has provided gender specific services to girls and young women aged 13 to 17 years of age who are homeless. YPR provides safe, home-like accommodation and case management to clients so they can reach their potential and improve their individual outcomes.

These organisations need ongoing and stable funding from the NSW Government so that they can deliver these necessary services to our community.

Women’s specialist homelessness services offer programs that have been established for women over many years. The loss of the expertise will cost the health and community services system more over time, leading to increased hospital admissions, assaults, suicides, re-offending and re-incarceration, continuation of drug and alcohol addictions and child safety issues. 

Women should have options regarding services. Vulnerable women and children often look for services located away from where they were living as they are escaping violent or unstable situations. Given that women are most at risk immediately after leaving a violent partner locating women’s shelters in the city provides anonymity makes good safety sense. 

Survivors of domestic violence and child sexual assault, and mentally ill women, deserve quality homelessness services with experienced specialists. Stepping Out, WAGEC, Detour House, Young People’s Refuge and B Miles provide these services, and closing their doors will take resources from women who are already suffering. 

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