In Bed with Fred

Premier Barry O’Farrell is in bed with Fred Nile to attack reproductive rights. Premier Barry O’Farrell is supporting a proposed law that threatens our reproductive rights. The bill, known as Zoe’s Law, was originally written by Fred Nile, the same man who opposes marriage equality and IVF for same sex couples. This law, if passed, … Continue reading

ACTION TODAY: Zoe’s Law has passed in the lower house of NSW Parliament

Feminists, it’s time to respond. Minutes ago, the Zoe’s Law amendment to the Crimes Act passed in the lower house of NSW Parliament. It’s time to show NSW parlimentarians what we think of their attack on our reproductive choice. Wear all black and to come to NSW parliament today, Thursday 21 Nov 2013 at 5:30pm … Continue reading

Why “Zoe’s Law” should not get through

Featured image shows four women standing on the street in protest outside a church, one is holding a sign saying ‘honk if you support a woman’s right to choose’. Christian Democratic Party MP Fred Nile has once again been trying to limit a women’s right to make choices about her own body. He’s going about … Continue reading

Personhood, Foetal Rights, and Fred Nile’s Sideswipe at Abortion

Featured image shows Fred Nile’s head photoshopped onto on a Ghostbusters-style image of a white ghost with a red slash through it. What Nile Proposes: On the 21 Feb 2013, Reverend Fred Nile introduced a bill into the Legislative Council of NSW. The full title of the bill is “Crimes Amendment (Zoe’s Law) Bill 2013: … Continue reading

Doing feminism: media representation and family violence

Were you at F’s event last night? Want to browse some highlights? Did you miss it? Want to catch up? As you may or may not know, two very smart ladies, Nina Funnell and Carolyn Jones led a conversation on two big-time feminist issues. I’ve made you a summary of what happened on the night … Continue reading

Women’s Legal Services: Demanding justice

In just over a week, laws will come into affect that will see improvements to the justice system for victims of domestic violence and their children. The Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Act 2011 will improve the framework of decision-making in family law matters to give priority to a child’s safety … Continue reading