F Collective: for feminist change.

We are a multigenerational and diverse group of Sydney based feminist activists who work together to bring about change in our society.

We appreciate the past gains of feminism and believe more change is necessary.

We think globally and act in our communities to make a society where gender fairness is valued, shared and rewarded.

In 2012 we started the F Collection, an online project to showcase other organisations and people who are part of a movement that is alive and kicking patriarchy in the arse.

We are a participatory and democratic collective.

The F-Collective meets every second Monday night at 6pm at the Amnesty International offices – 1/79 Myrtle Street Chippendale. Meeting dates are posted in What’s On. Everyone welcome!

You can contact F here.

We welcome your suggestions for posts or issues to cover. Just flick us an email at fcollective at gmail.com or megan.clementcouzner at gmail.com . If you want to make our lives especially easy, you could include a fabulous photo of large file size with your suggestion, and some specific ideas for how people can get involved with your issue. We will of course credit you and your org – that’s the whole point, F wants to showcase the fabulous work feminists are doing on a whole range o’ issues, as well as highlight the work F Collective are doing ourselves.

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