Act and Defend Our Reproductive Rights in NSW!

No to Foetal Personhood in NSW

The Abortion war is a struggle over the fundamental role of women in society.  Do we see women as fully formed independent human beings with the right to control their lives and their bodies or are they merely incubators? It cannot be repeated often enough, where foetal rights exist independent of the women that carry them women’s rights are compromised legally, medically and socially. – Ruby Hamad

On the 23 February 2014 we gathered in Martin Place, Sydney to show our opposition to “Zoe’s Law” which would inscribe foetal personhood into NSW Law.  This is unprecedented in Australia.

It is urgent that we tell our Members of The Upper House that we oppose Zoe’s Law in NSW. The Bill could be brought before the Upper House as early as the 6th March 2014.  The Upper House is the last stop before a Bill becomes Law. We can stop this Bill becoming Law. But you need to take action today!

Email your politicians today. Click here and tell your MLC that you oppose Zoe’s Law.

Share the link with your family and friends, bug them to sign it.

We cannot stand by as this bill becomes law because there is absolutely no way we can grant personhood to a foetus without diminishing the personhood of women. – Ruby Hamad

Take Action! Click here and to tell your MLC that you oppose Zoe’s Law.

Remember to share this post widely with your community, talk about it in your community, and stand up for our rights. You can make a difference.

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