Reclaim the Night

From Reclaim the Night’s Facebook Event: It is that time again. Let’s take back the streets. Three-quarters of all women killed in NSW die at the hands of their loved ones. NSW Police deal with about 370 instances of domestic and family violence a day. Domestic violence has reached its highest level in 15 years … Continue reading

Why “Zoe’s Law” should not get through

Featured image shows four women standing on the street in protest outside a church, one is holding a sign saying ‘honk if you support a woman’s right to choose’. Christian Democratic Party MP Fred Nile has once again been trying to limit a women’s right to make choices about her own body. He’s going about … Continue reading

Personhood, Foetal Rights, and Fred Nile’s Sideswipe at Abortion

Featured image shows Fred Nile’s head photoshopped onto on a Ghostbusters-style image of a white ghost with a red slash through it. What Nile Proposes: On the 21 Feb 2013, Reverend Fred Nile introduced a bill into the Legislative Council of NSW. The full title of the bill is “Crimes Amendment (Zoe’s Law) Bill 2013: … Continue reading

Rape Culture, Rape Prevention and Education

Thanks to our guest blogger Lucia for this week’s post. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, we still live in a society in which one in four women aged fourteen years and older have had at least one experience of sexual assault or sexual violence in their lifetime. The prevalence of sexual violence in … Continue reading

Joint destroyed: RtN fundraiser recap

Words by Gabe Kavanagh, photos by Amanda Parkinson Excuse our absence over the last week or so. F has been drunk on sweet success. On Thursday 1 November the F Collective hosted Destroying the Joint: A fundraiser for Reclaim the Night Sydney. Over 100 people came along to hear Jenna Price and Jane Caro in conversation … Continue reading

Fundraiser for Reclaim this Thursday

We’re hosting a fundraiser for Reclaim the Night, Thursday 1 November, 6pm at Trades Hall Auditorioum, 377 Sussex St, Sydney. Jenna Price and Jane Caro will be speaking about Destroy the Joint. Reclaim the Night was held last Sunday and was a huge success. Special congrats to Mac, Jessie and Kate, F members who were … Continue reading