Zoe’s Law proponents caught out by ICAC

Written by Liz Barrett. Anti-abortion Zoe’s Law is back on the table in NSW. This bill will import the concept of foetal personhood to New South Wales from the anti-choice American Right. Foetal personhood laws seek to take control of women’s bodies and reproductive rights. This criminalises, institutionalises and strips women of their liberty and the … Continue reading


I sat down to interview our very own Mckenzie Raymond to chat about feminism, body positivity, activism and #freethenipple.  As seen on The Feed SBS. When did you first become a feminist? I was 20, so it was in 2010. I had just left an abusive relationship after 3 and a half years and was … Continue reading

Write a letter to defend your right to choose

Stop Zoe’s Law  F Collective is still working on the campaign to stop Zoe’s Law. Zoe’s Law is currently in Bill form, pending a vote in the upper house of the NSW Parliament. You can read in depth about the bill here, but in short: if this Bill passes it could compromise the quality of health … Continue reading

Fight Foetal Personhood by Calling your MP

Our Bodies, Our Choices http://www.ourbodiesourchoice.weebly.com Our Bodies, Our Choices is a coalition of women’s groups and activists working together to highlight concerns with the Crimes Amendment (Zoe’s Law) Bill (No. 2) 2013. If you share those concerns, click on the link below to email your MP. https://ourbodiesourchoices.good.do/our-bodies-our-choices/email-your-mp-9/ This Bill, for the first time in Australia, creates a … Continue reading

Protect Our Right To Choose

Originally posted on When the Soup Runs Out:
Olivia Pope is Calling You NSW is staring down the barrel of “foetal personhood” for the first time ever, sneaking it in through an amendment to the NSW Crimes Act known as “Zoe’s Law”. “Foetal Personhood” is a concept that has been imported to NSW from the…

“This is the beginning of the fight, not the end.”

On Thursday, the lower house of NSW Parliament passed the foetal personhood law. The F Collective organised an action outside Parliament House, in which NSW voters gathered to voice their anger about this Bill, given that the Bill lays a foundation for all sorts of attacks on women’s reproductive rights.   Some photos of the … Continue reading

ACTION TODAY: Zoe’s Law has passed in the lower house of NSW Parliament

Feminists, it’s time to respond. Minutes ago, the Zoe’s Law amendment to the Crimes Act passed in the lower house of NSW Parliament. It’s time to show NSW parlimentarians what we think of their attack on our reproductive choice. Wear all black and to come to NSW parliament today, Thursday 21 Nov 2013 at 5:30pm … Continue reading

Take Action: tell Barry O’Farrell to vote NO on Zoe’s Law this Thursday

This Thursday the Liberal Party of NSW will try to push through “Zoe’s Law“. F has previously posted about this anti-choice bill. It’s time to take action. We’re asking feminists across NSW to call the Premier’s office to let him know you don’t support this law, and ask him to vote against it. We’ve got some … Continue reading

TODAY 9:30 Rally at Parliament House!

So, the two groups who have been coordinating a loud response to the proposed “Zoe’s Law 2” Crimes Act Amendment are the NSW Greens and the Our Bodies, Our Choices coalition. Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi, who has voiced her opposition to the proposed amendment, has put out a call; there will be a rally … Continue reading

Foetal Personhood Bill not on today – Will we see you Thursday?

***URGENT ACTION ALERT UPDATE*** Everyone, despite this being in the Government Order of Business papers for today, we have been told it will NOT be on today. Phew! However, we expect more of this sort of carry on about this Bill into the future, so please stay tuned. It’s important our MPs know we aren’t … Continue reading