Why “Zoe’s Law” should not get through

Featured image shows four women standing on the street in protest outside a church, one is holding a sign saying ‘honk if you support a woman’s right to choose’. Christian Democratic Party MP Fred Nile has once again been trying to limit a women’s right to make choices about her own body. He’s going about … Continue reading

Personhood, Foetal Rights, and Fred Nile’s Sideswipe at Abortion

Featured image shows Fred Nile’s head photoshopped onto on a Ghostbusters-style image of a white ghost with a red slash through it. What Nile Proposes: On the 21 Feb 2013, Reverend Fred Nile introduced a bill into the Legislative Council of NSW. The full title of the bill is “Crimes Amendment (Zoe’s Law) Bill 2013: … Continue reading

Eva Cox on the politics of Income Management

by Eva Cox, Professorial Fellow, Jumbunna IHL UTS.  Learn more about income management from the F blog here. This post describes some recent changes which may radically alter the basis of our welfare payments system. The introduction of a series of policies and programs labelled Income Management as part of the NT Intervention, was the start … Continue reading

Manage This: income management is a feminist issue

By Jane Bullen Income management is a feminist issue In the lead-up to the F Collective event ‘Manage this: Women’s voices on Income Management’ (Tuesday 31 July, 6pm, NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, 23-33 Mary Street Surry Hills), I want to write about why I think Income Management is an issue of particular concern to feminists. This is despite … Continue reading

215 Million reasons

… to support Asian Women at Work. The F Collection is a blog project by F that highlights a feminist or women’s rights campaign, group or issue every Monday (or Tuesday when there’s a Monday public holiday… Any excuse). Read on! Do you think every person deserves to have their working rights covered? Then there are … Continue reading