Fight Foetal Personhood by Calling your MP

Our Bodies, Our Choices

Our Bodies, Our Choices is a coalition of women’s groups and activists working together to highlight concerns with the Crimes Amendment (Zoe’s Law) Bill (No. 2) 2013. If you share those concerns, click on the link below to email your MP.

This Bill, for the first time in Australia, creates a concept of ‘foetal personhood’. It also removes the link between a woman and her pregnancy from 20 weeks onwards, despite the Campbell Review saying that our current laws are the best way to deal with cases of pregnant women who are injured through criminal acts. You can find the Campbell Review and more information about us and the Bill at and in this article and this update on the F Collective blog.

As you might be aware, foetal ‘legal personhood’ is a concept used by the radical Right in the United States to restrict or even ban safe abortions. Women risk their health and their families to access unsafe abortions, and are sometimes prosecuted for failing in their ‘legal duty’ to a ‘living person’ they are carrying. This has costs for their jobs, their families and their communities. Doctors may be prosecuted for doing their jobs, and women may die because of a lack of access to safe care.

WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT? The most effective thing you can do is email or call your state MP.  The link to do so through the OBOC website is here.

Otherwise, we’ll see you SUNDAY at MARTIN PLACE, 12 pm. Wear black to indicate your disapproval and disappointment about this law. Bring a banner, and a loud voice.


2 Responses to “Fight Foetal Personhood by Calling your MP”
  1. Faced with dialogue with hard line bigots there is no option but to match their hard line – or they will just roll over you. Unfortunately women will never present the universal united front necessary to push back – and the bigots know that. (like saying – if you do that we will ALL refuse to ever get pregnant rather than have our human rights abolished). Good luck with your campaign. The point of foetal personhood is NOT to protect the unborn, it is only to totally control women’s reproduction. The next step will be to get rid of contraception – back to barefoot and pregnant.

  2. charlotte long says:

    Women and men in our communities have long supported reproductive rights and rights of women. This law is in direct conflict with these rights.

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