Protect Our Right To Choose

Some more thoughts on foetal personhood from over at When the Soup Runs Out.

When the Soup Runs Out

Olivia Pope is Calling You Olivia Pope is Calling You

NSW is staring down the barrel of “foetal personhood” for the first time ever, sneaking it in through an amendment to the NSW Crimes Act known as “Zoe’s Law”.

“Foetal Personhood” is a concept that has been imported to NSW from the Conservative American Right To Life Campaign.  They want to ban abortion.

People who are anti-choice want to control women through pregnancy.  They also oppose contraception and seriously teach “abstinence only” sex education.  They also repeatedly and sadistically shame women for having sex, using contraception, and getting pregnant. The rates of abortion decrease when the rates of unplanned pregnancy decrease. No amount of shame or stigma that is heaped on women will change that.

We think women should be in control of pregnancy, not that pregnancy should be used to control women. – Amanda Marcotte

“Foetal personhood” creates a new legal entity, separate from…

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