“This is the beginning of the fight, not the end.”


On Thursday, the lower house of NSW Parliament passed the foetal personhood law. The F Collective organised an action outside Parliament House, in which NSW voters gathered to voice their anger about this Bill, given that the Bill lays a foundation for all sorts of attacks on women’s reproductive rights.


Some photos of the action:


Poster 1 Posters2 Hands tied 1 Poster and Speaker Mehreen1 Mel 1

Coverage of the protest included this Daily Telegraph article, in which the F Collective’s Gabe Kavanagh is quoted as saying “this is the beginning of the fight, not the end”.

Crowd 6 Crowd3 Crowd5 Crowd 2

The Bill will be debated in the upper house next year; we and other women’s organisations will be campaigning to have it voted down. To stay involved, email us at: thefcollective@gmail.com.


Poster single

To read more about the feminist and legal objections of the law, there is a great article by Sydney lawyer Julie Hamblin here in Daily Life, and this article by Melbourne lawyer Hannah Roberts, published in The Conversation, is a must-read.




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