ACTION TODAY: Zoe’s Law has passed in the lower house of NSW Parliament

Feminists, it’s time to respond. Minutes ago, the Zoe’s Law amendment to the Crimes Act passed in the lower house of NSW Parliament.

It’s time to show NSW parlimentarians what we think of their attack on our reproductive choice. Wear all black and to come to NSW parliament today, Thursday 21 Nov 2013 at 5:30pm SHARP. We will be tweeting and posting on Facebook.

Barry O’Farrell and Mike Baird, the Liberal Premier and Treasurer of NSW, have decided to support “Zoe’s Law 2”. Today they managed to push Zoe’s Law through the Lower House.

Anti-choice BOF2

Zoe’s Law is a bill which will, for the first time in Australia, grant legal rights to a foetus through creating a separate legal offense of grievous bodily harm against the foetus in addition to any harm to the mother.

This legislation is unnecessary and will put access to abortion at risk in NSW. There’s a reason the Rev Fred Nile MLC* will be sponsoring this bill in the Upper House of the NSW Parliament: it is the first step in undermining abortion rights.

F Collective is holding a snap action to send a clear response: feminists in NSW will defend our rights to control our own bodies. We will not stand by while Barry O’Farrell and Fred Nile start the process of tying our hands on reproductive choice.


1. Come to NSW parliament TODAY, Thursday 21 Nov 2013 at 5:30pm SHARP. DRESS IN BLACK to show your outrage that our rights are being threatened. Bring signs in black and white – the theme is ‘Don’t tie our hands: say NO to Zoe’s Law’. Here is the FB event.

This event is queer and trans* friendly. Please invite your friends, family, neighbours and anyone you feel may want to defend abortion rights.

Trigger Warning: the action tomorrow will have two parts. Some people will line up along the Parliament House gates with their hands tied, to represent the way that Zoe’s law threatens our right to choose. Others will take part in the action by drumming, holding signs, chanting, and speaking/ listening to speakers.

5 Responses to “ACTION TODAY: Zoe’s Law has passed in the lower house of NSW Parliament”
  1. Catriona Macleod says:

    Thats bad. Thanks for the update.It all seems somewhat surreal.

    The nsw governments commitment doesnt seem to have much commitment to democracy or responsible leadership. Since when do conservative politicians ignore not only the public but the conservative medical and legal professions , in Australia anyway?

    Why does a statement of no confidence in the govt. have to come from parliament. Could we campaign for an early election perhaps, and against the ofarrell led govt ? Maybe also time for a campaign for the conscience vote to go? – its more like the follow your own prejudices, regardless of how it effects the people who elected you vote.

  2. Sunny says:

    Hang on a minute?? Zoe’s law allows criminal charges against a man who very violently, and intentionally assaults a woman and kills her beloved unborn child?
    Either feminism is about supporting women and their unborn child or you are supporting violence against women and their baby?
    You are protecting violent men by protesting against this.

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