TODAY 9:30 Rally at Parliament House!

So, the two groups who have been coordinating a loud response to the proposed “Zoe’s Law 2” Crimes Act Amendment are the NSW Greens and the Our Bodies, Our Choices coalition.
Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi, who has voiced her opposition to the proposed amendment, has put out a call; there will be a rally outside NSW Parliament House on Macquarie St next Thursday morning starting at 9.30am. 
Next Thursday 17 October will see a continuation of the debate on Foetal Personhood Laws (also known as the Crimes Amendment (Zoe’s Law) Bill 2013 No. 2) in the NSW Legislative Assembly at Parliament House.
To build on the momentum of previous activities and show the strength of our opposition to this Bill, there will be a rally outside NSW Parliament House on Macquarie St next Thursday morning starting at 9.30am. 
Those advocating a yes vote will have been using the past two weeks to try to turn wavering MPs so our opposition needs to be both loud and clear with as many people as possible joining the rally to voice their concerns at this thinly disguised attempt to control women’s reproductive rights.
It is also important for us to maintain a visible presence on this issue as we can lend support to MPs who have resolved to vote no regardless of the opposition they face from small but vocal sections of their electorates.
You can bring a Vote No banner or placard or write a message of support on a large Vote No banner provided by the Greens NSW Women’s Working Group.  We will also be marking our opposition by tying purple ribbons to the fence of Parliament House so please bring a length of purple ribbon with you.
Please pass this invitation onto your friends, colleagues and networks and encourage them to attend.  This is an issue that will not be defeated through silence. 
If you need more information on this Bill and why it must be defeated watch Julie Hamblin, Dr Philippa Ramsay and Dr Leslie Cannold discuss the legal and medical implications of foetal personhood laws here.
Please also note that members of the public are permitted to sit in the viewing gallery of the Legislative Assembly and observe the debate and this is another way that we can show our unity and the strength of our opposition on the day.

You can see the details of the rally and tell everyone you’re coming along here at the Our Bodies Our Choices Rally Facebook Event



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