***URGENT ACTION UPDATE*** Zoe’s Law to go to debate TODAY


NSW Parliament is voting TODAY on the Crimes Amendment (Zoe’s Law) Bill 2013 No.2 which would recognise a foetus as being a living person at the age of 20 weeks, or at 400 grams. MEET AT PARLIAMENT HOUSE AT 2:30 to protest against this attack on women’s reproductive rights!

The NSW Gov’t are going to try and push the foetal personhood bill through TODAY. It is squirrelled away at the bottom of today’s order of business paper. It’s on from 3.15pm this afternoon. Can you make it to Parliament House this afternoon to show our MPs this sneaky and underhanded move is a disgrace and we won’t have our rights taken away by stealth – or any other way!


For more info there’s lots of resources at http://ourbodiesourchoices.weebly.com/

One Response to “***URGENT ACTION UPDATE*** Zoe’s Law to go to debate TODAY”
  1. advicefail says:

    ***URGENT ACTION ALERT UPDATE*** Everyone, despite this being in the Government Order of Business papers for today, we have been told it will NOT be on today. Phew! However, we expect more of this sort of carry on about this Bill into the future, so please stay tuned. It’s important our MPs know we aren’t going to let this one slide under the radar. Will we see you Thursday ?


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