Community services, here to stay

The long view – banner text says “Thousands access community services – don’t leave them hanging Barry!”

As promised, here are some more images from our action outside Parliament House last Wednesday, the 21st November. All photos by Jarah Backhouse (big thanks to her).

The banner with the paper dolls strung across was made by members of F and also by service users from Jannawi, Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre and West St Wollongong. They are weighty paper dolls, symbolising the need to stick together with our services under threat, the precariousness of services and the folks who use them, and the sheer number of service users who might have lost their service if the cuts had gone ahead.

Some services have had a big win, and others have a reprieve for now – read about it here. 

The message of the day was firstly to celebrate our win but perhaps more importantly, to note that the majority of the fourteen services under threat are only secure until March or June next year. So while they are hanging, we need to keep the pressure on and demand services for the most vulnerable members of our communities.

MC Corina geeing up the crowd in style

Shirley from Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre speaks

Biljana from Jannawi

Linda Burney, MP, NSW Opposition spokesperson on Community Services

Service users from LWRC wrote messages about their service on the paper dolls they made

Elsie’s Refuge turned out in support

The super cool women of Jannawi

Biljana with Alex from Cystic Fibrosis Foundation NSW

The women of West St Wollongong service for survivors of childhood sexual assault, with Corina from F

NSW MPs Jamie Parker of the Greens and Alex Greenwich, Independent behind the F Collective sign





2 Responses to “Community services, here to stay”
  1. Fran Hayes says:

    Great pictures for those of us that could not be there. Congratulations on a successful event, and a brilliant campaign! Special thanks to Meg C-C for your tireless work on this campaign.


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