Exciting news in the barry cuts community bleeds campaign: we’re nearly there, but we need your help

F started to campaign on the issue of NSW government cuts to community services several months ago, and soon found ourselves in contact with services extremely concerned about the future. Documents obtained under FOI said services like Margaret Jurd Learning Centre and the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service, along with twelve other services, were ear marked for defunding by the O’Farrell NSW government.
Since then, service users, workers and everyone who signed this petition have campaigned hard.
We now know that the Gay & Lesbian Counselling Service (GLCS), Margaret Jurd Learning Centre, and Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre (LWRC) are safe from cuts. 
Shirley Kent, co-ordinator of LWRC, says:
Today, when I notified service users and group members of the news all responded with gratitude and relief. Perhaps the words of one service user sums it : “I am so grateful we will still have a safe place to go and support when we most need it.
However, we’ve got more to do.
Services like the West St Wollongong service for adult survivors of sexual assault are yet to secure ongoing funding.
We congratulate Premier O’Farrell, Minister Goward, and Treasurer Baird on the secure funding of LWRC, Margaret Jurd and the GLCS, while also maintaining that secure funding for all the services under review must be a priority for the Government.

Join us tomorrow at 12.30pm outside Parliament House on Macquarie St, Sydney, to celebrate the win and hear from Shirley Kent of LWRC, Corina Backhouse of F and Linda Burney, NSW Opposition spokesperson on Community Services about the future of this campaign and of the sector.


Flyer designs by Ashleigh Lustica
2 Responses to “Exciting news in the barry cuts community bleeds campaign: we’re nearly there, but we need your help”
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  2. Congrats on securing funding for those 3 services – that’s great news, and such a relief. Wish I could make the celebration today, but too short notice. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help the other services still unsure about where they stand.

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