Joint destroyed: RtN fundraiser recap

Words by Gabe Kavanagh, photos by Amanda Parkinson

Excuse our absence over the last week or so. F has been drunk on sweet success. On Thursday 1 November the F Collective hosted Destroying the Joint: A fundraiser for Reclaim the Night Sydney.

Over 100 people came along to hear Jenna Price and Jane Caro in conversation with Gabby Millgate (all pictured above) on How to Destroy the Joint.

Australian comedian and actor Gabby Millgate started off the night with a spot-on analysis of how the persistent scourge of sexism in Australia has coloured our political landscape, especially in regards to the treatment of PM Julia Gillard by the media.

Jane Caro, lecturer, author and media commentator, is the woman who made the hashtag #destroythejoint famous on twitter. In doing so Jane spawned one of the most effective anti-sexist social media campaigns we have seen in Australia.

Jenna Price, academic and journalist, has also been driving this campaign. Jenna, along with other women from across Australia, is a moderator and spokesperson for the Destroy the Joint facebook page.

Gabby discussed with Jenna and Jane why the DtJ movement has been so successful, and how we can keep the momentum going to ensure a media that is free of misogyny.

Big thanks to Jenna, Jane and Gabby for generously donating their time, and to everyone who came along. We made over $2000 for Reclaim the Night Sydney, which will enable the organising collective to keep doing grassroots campaigning to end violence against women.

2 Responses to “Joint destroyed: RtN fundraiser recap”
  1. ‘F has been drunk on sweet success.’ Yes we have and it has been super sharing this success with all you wonderful f-collective folk. Great wrap-up Gabe!

  2. Neale Towart says:

    Just to say well done on the night and that the banner in the pic was made for International Womens’ Day by Birgitte Hansen. Birgitte is an unmatched banner artist who has made many trade union banners over her career as an artist, as well as many community murals and banners. She is based in Blackheath NSW. The banner ws made using canvas rectangles and many trade union t shirts celebrating and campaigning for women’s rights at work and in trade unions themselves. Birgitte’s work can be viewed at She also did the large mural in Trades Hall, commissioned by Unions NSW for the reopening of Trades Hall.

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