Fundraiser for Reclaim this Thursday

We’re hosting a fundraiser for Reclaim the Night, Thursday 1 November, 6pm at Trades Hall Auditorioum, 377 Sussex St, Sydney.

Jenna Price and Jane Caro will be speaking about Destroy the Joint.

Reclaim the Night was held last Sunday and was a huge success. Special congrats to Mac, Jessie and Kate, F members who were involved in making it happen.

The Reclaim the Night organising committee is made up of a whole bunch of different women-folk. At the moment the collective is largely made up of young women who are studying. Everyone is a volunteer and countless hours are put into making an event like this happen.

Along with time, passion, love and commitment to end violence against women, the collective needs money. $10 concession/$15 general/$20 supporter for admission, you’ll make them very happy, and have a great time to boot.

Book here:

Photo by Amanda Parkinson

3 Responses to “Fundraiser for Reclaim this Thursday”
  1. mspeacock89 says:

    I came along to Reclaim The Night last sunday and was so impressed by your passion and commitment and how smoothly the whole event unfolded. I wish I could be there tomorrow but I’m working, is it possible to donate another way?

    • fcollective says:

      Hi Ms Peacock, thanks, I’ll pass that comment on! It is possible and the easiest way to do it is just to buy a ticket anyway, as I don’t have a direct bank account for you to donate to. Our venue is huge, so we won’t sell out, and the money will go straight to RTN collective. It’ll be really really appreciated by the RTN collective.
      Thanks so much.

  2. mspeacock89 says:

    Reblogged this on Ms Peacock Escapes and commented:
    Went along to Reclaim the Night on Sunday, inspiring women were out ‘en force’ and it was a beautiful, empowering event. The march built on a really insightful set of speeches in Hyde Park- An incredibly eloquent 16 year old spoke up about cyber-violence and the way rape is glamorized or trivialized online to entrench negative, violent attitudes to women in actual life. So much time and effort and passion went into this event and there’s so much more to be done to raise awareness of the culture of violence and victim-blaming that make many in our society afraid to walk out at night. If you’re in Sydney- get involved! Also be aware Reclaim the Night is a global phenomenon that everyone can get involved in!

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