Destroying the joint for Reclaim the Night

By Gabe Kavanagh

This Sunday will be Sydney’s turn for Reclaim the Night. The event starts and finishes at Hyde Park. The picnic kicks off at 4, speakers will be at 6.30 then we’ll start marching at 7.

And you need to be there. You need to be there because 2012 has been a bad year for women. Here at home we’ve had our first female Prime Minister called a cow. The Anglican church dragging women back to the dark ages by asking women to submit to their husbands. Alan Jones using 2GB to spread his misogyny. Tony Abbott implying childrearing is a prerequisite to running a country. The horrific murder of Jill Meagher. Overseas, American Congressmen have attempted to claim some rape is legitimate. In Afghanistan a fourteen year old girl was shot for advocating for girls’ right to education.

But the great thing about 2012 has been the fightback. From Julia Gillard’s, now internationally renowned arse-kicking of Tony Abbott, to the 20 000 strong online movement of Destroy the Joint, to the thousands of people who marched in honour of Jill Meagher.

Australians have taken not just one, but many, stands against the misogyny that is so pervasive in our society. We’ve utilised the wonders of social media,  the trusty rally, and everything in between to make our dissent heard. All this led to Tony Abbott’s charm offensive, in which he was forced to “come out” as a feminist in order to prove himself suitable to be our leader.

Unfortunately Tony’s alleged feminism isn’t all it takes. Change of the magnitude that we are looking for will take time. A lot of time. Here’s the obligatory list of problems still facing women in Australia: domestic violence, sexual violence, the gender pay gap, gender-based hate speech targeted at prominent women, pigeon-holing of girls into pink princesses, slut shaming, barren shaming, body shaming, sexist advertising, eating disorders, you know the rest…

Those are the problems. Come and be part of the solution. Reclaim the Night is an annual event that takes a stand against violence against women. Domestic violence, the violence of Alan Jones’ words, the violence of advertising that teaches girls to hate their bodies. Come and take another stand against misogyny, 4pm, Hyde Park.

Oh… And this stuff costs money. F Collective is doing its part to help out.

We’re hosting a fundraiser for Reclaim the Night, Thursday 1 November, 6pm at Trades Hall Auditorioum, 377 Sussex St, Sydney.

Jenna Price and Jane Caro will be speaking about Destroy the Joint.

The Reclaim the Night organising committee is made up of a whole bunch of different women folk. At the moment the collective is largely made up of young women who are studying. Everyone is a volunteer and countless hours are put into making an event like this happen.

Along with time, passion, love and commitment to end violence against women, the collective needs money. $10 concession/$15 general/$20 supporter for admission, you’ll make them very happy and have a great time to boot.

Book here:


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