Bring out your placards: Urgent pro-choice protest TOMORROW MORNING

Protest against extreme right to lifer David Bereit

Tomorrow 3 September 7.30am SHARP at Notre Dame University, the corner of Abercrombie and Broadway, Sydney.

Facebook event here.

Boston, MA

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F supplies the leaflets, you bring your home made placard and glitter bombs and shiny self!

NSW Right to Life has invited this American guy called David Bereit to Australia. He’s spoken at a number of events and tomorrow will be speaking at Notre Dame University. He trades in guilt, lies and manipulation and has created a vicious and intimidatory campaign of “vigils” outside of abortion clinics in the States. His organisation is looking to do the same stuff here in Sydney. We want to show him that women in NSW have no patience for this rubbish. F Collective is hosting a protest outside his breakfast tomorrow. All are welcome. If you need details or directions call Georgia on 0488 217 535.
The amazing knitted ovaries are courtesy of Pockafwye’s Flickr stream.

3 Responses to “Bring out your placards: Urgent pro-choice protest TOMORROW MORNING”
  1. Reblogged this on abortionechoes and commented:
    There is nothing more wrong than a human being forced to raise up a child, how can you even think to provide your child everything they need, if you are unable to look after yourself? Pro-life is a blind anger aimed to destroy our power of choice.

  2. Nice one, abortion echoes, and thanks for the reblog!

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