Income management working group tonight

It’s your world – it needs your feminist thinking.

 When: Wednesday 22 August 6pm

Where: Amnesty International Building, 1/79 Myrtle Street Chippendale. Buzz Level 1.

 A few weeks ago, the F Collective and WEL co-hosted the forum ‘Manage This: Women’s Voices on Income Management’.

We are forming an Income Management working group to look at the broader implications of this major policy change; a space to strategise about where we are at, what the gendered implications for this policy are and what we can do about it. We need to develop ideas for limiting the damage and supporting alternative policies, given the Opposition is promising to extend this type of control over payments to all on welfare.

This is a space to bring your questions and ideas and explore the possibilities of policy change. There is a need for clear feminist voices on important issues like welfare payments. Let’s be creative and active on this important and timely issue. Let’s be strategic and effective! Join us.

Featured image is from Eva the Weaver’s Flickr page using Creative Commons License. Thanks Eva!


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