Doing feminism: media representation and family violence

Were you at F’s event last night?

Want to browse some highlights?

Did you miss it? Want to catch up?

As you may or may not know, two very smart ladies, Nina Funnell and Carolyn Jones led a conversation on two big-time feminist issues.

I’ve made you a summary of what happened on the night using storify:

[View the story “Doing feminism: media representation and family violence” on Storify]

Check it out.

Here’s a snippet

Do you have links to materials discussed or photos? Post ’em below!

What does the event (or the summary) make you think about??

Many thanks to Amanda, who has featured on F before, Fran Hayes for co-ordinating, our host Eva Cox, and our wonderful speakers, collective and attendees.

Featured image is from Flickr using Creative Commons License, by Caterpiya.

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  1. […] also put together a storify story on F’s latest forum. You can join the conversation on Twitter with the #fcollective […]

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