Meet the F Collective: Where to from here?

Inspired by the IWD picnic, F have planned a forum asking feminists:

Where to from here? Add your voice and help shape our feminist future.

  • Brainstorm feminist ideas and discuss revolutionary issues in small groups
  • Feminist Q&A panel with Eva Cox, Charity Danquah, Fran Hayes and Nai Brooks
  • Meet the F collective

The event will take place from 6-9pm, Monday April 2 2012, at Level 8, 187 Thomas St, Haymarket, Sydney.

We’d love to see you there as we think about where to for feminism, F and the year ahead.

Photo by Salil Wadhavkar via Flickr.

3 Responses to “Meet the F Collective: Where to from here?”
  1. hcpen says:

    i will be alittle do i get up to levle 8? is there a no i can call?

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  1. […] this issue important to you? You can talk about it tonight at the F forum, and attend the next WAAC […]

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