Seen & Heard: Films by women

Have you heard of Seen & Heard Film Festival? No? Keep reading! Yes? Keep reading anyway, and be inspired by the founder of the festival Lucy Randall, the message, and the films on offer.

Seen & Heard is a festival showcasing films made by women. It is a pay-by-donation event, making it super accessible, and it is on each Thursday for the rest of March at the Red Rattler in Marrickville.

There are a bunch of public transport options here.

Lucy Randall started Seen & Heard in 2009, as a response to the stats on women in the film industry:

  • Women directed 5% of the top grossing films
  • Women wrote 14% of the top grossing films
  • Women comprised 18% of all executive producers
  • Women comprised 25% of all producers
  • 20% of all editors were women
  • 4% of all cinematographers were women

These figures are from the Center for Study of Women in TV and Film, and you can find out more here.

Shocked? I was, and Lucy was too. She says:

I felt that people needed to feel a part of something to evoke a desire for change.

Feeling inspired to volunteer with Seen & Heard? You can do that here.

The message of Seen & Heard is that:

films made by women extend far beyond a genre for women, but are as much films that should be seen by everyone.

Seeing ourselves represented in media, in story, is a powerful tool that shows us what is possible. Sadly it isn’t so common for women, and even less so for women of the LGBTIQ community, and of colour in Australia. What’s more, seeing ourselves as creators happens even less often.

Seen & Heard is changing that, with an incredible program that features a range of Australian and international films.

One of those films is MIND by Emma Crimmings, about Melbourne writer Tom Cho. As a child, Tom knew he couldn’t meet his Chinese mother’s expectations of being a good daughter. The film explores Tom’s world through playful surrealist imagery.

MIND is just one of eighteen films that will be featured this week.

If all of this is making you itch to get out and get creative, Lucy has some wise words to inspire women film makers:

The best advice I’ve been given is create your own work. Start things yourself: write to small businesses, offer a commissioned service, start a film festival. Aside from your filmmaking skills, you need to learn basic marketing skills, I cannot emphasise this enough. Learn how to make a website, use Facebook, use Twitter, learn how to write a press release. If you have an online presence, people will find you. Book your own screenings. Get excited and make things happen and people will support you.

You can find Seen & Heard on Facebook and on their website.

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